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USB controller does not appear in Midi Tab>Readable Client pane

I'm using a Yamaha KX8 midi controller. The controller is connected to my computer via USB.
The problem I'm experiencing is that when qjackctl is running and the controller is powered on, an entry for my controller does not appear in the Midi Tab>Readable Clients pane.

Could someone tell me what I need to do to make this happen. Assuming it can be done.


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doesn't it appear on the ALSA tab instead?


Yes, It only appears only in the Alsa Tab.
So are you saying that it is normal to not have an entry for the USB controller in the Midi Tab?

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yes, your usb controller as most doesn't provide a jack-midi input interface (midi tab) ootb. but only a alsa-midi one (alsa-sequencer, alsa tab).

you'll need to bridge alsa-midi to jack-midi interfaces by either starting up the internal jackd midi driver (-Xseq) via Setup/Settings/MIDI Driver = "seq" or the stand-alone a2jmidid bridge utility.

a2jmidid is generally best recommended: you can run it from qjackctl by setting Setup/Options/Execute script after startup = "a2jmidid -e &". so that every time you start jackd from qjackctl it will also run the a2jmidid bridge in the background and there you'll be able to see your usb controller alright on the (jack-)midi connections tab. iirc it should appear under the a2j client name...


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Thank you!

I was using my Yamaha keyboard with Ubuntu 16.04 and musecore, and when I upgraded to 20.04 (which required a drive wipe and reinstall) all this stopped working. It took this post to get it back.

For the record: I did this entirely within qjackctl, where the key was Setup/Settings/MIDI Driver='seq'. This set up the bridged MIDI devices in the midi panel. When I start Musescore, musescore also shows up only in the MIDI panel.

I can then use qjackctl to connect the midi pass through devices in the ALSA panel to the digital piano devices in the ALSA panel, AND connect the musescore devices to the associated bridge devices in the MIDI panel. Now musescore can play scores on my digital piano, and I can use the piano as an input device to musescore.

It took a little fiddling to get right, but the real showstopper had been that "driver=seq".

The problem is same with me :(

man, you saved me.

I don't know how, but this app was already installed in my system. It was only to open it and voila!! I did my MusE is work for the first time in my life. kkkkk. Thank you!!

I am trying to connect museScore to a electronic player piano ( PianoDisc ) midi in . I have the MuseScore 1 and System Midi showing on the Readable Output client but can not get the USB to Midi cable to show ( either Roland UN-One or M Audio sport Uno ) When plugged in ( separately ) they show active in the Windows 7 Device Manager under Sound Video and game controllers . I have changed 'Target' property: "C:\Program Files\Jack\jackd.exe" -R -S -d portaudio -d "ASIO::ASIO4ALL v2" as described in the Jack windows setup. but no results. I do not seem to have a ALSA tab to check .
Any suggestions

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aha. you're on windows which is something only a few if more than one of jack developers really grasp :)

however maybe you can find some help by reading the following page:

  • Using JACK on Windows esp. the last section titled as "Using MIDI"...
  • hth.

    Ohh Been there .. and have that problem solved in that I get "mscore 1" and "system_midi" , but just can not get the USB to midi cable ( which device Manager see's fine ) showing in the output ports readable clients . I have confirmed that the USB cable works and plays a Midi file to the keyboard using Windows media player ... but that is like playing a CD .. I really need Musescore for note changes etc
    I have even tried ( one by one ) Forcing the output device in settings by using MME microsoft sound mapper ... no go ...
    Any other suggestions

    I'm trying to get a Roland V-Synth XT to connect with Rosegarden via its USB MIDI/Audio. Is this a no-hoper or do I need to connect via a device such as the Edirol UM-1EX ? Nothing appears in Jack Audio, no matter which settings are used e.g. ALSA.

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    i don't know nothing about the audio/MIDI interface from Roland V-Synth XT -- whether it's a usb standard class device or not, or else, has this mode supported at all (maybe once called usb1.1 mode); at least the midi input should appear in the alsa connections tab (of qjackctl). otoh. about the audio part you'll sure get a better chance of support answers on the alsa mail-lists than here, sorry :)


    Thanks you for the pointer to a2jmidid - it did the trick

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