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QjackCtl 0.3.10 - The Singing Swan rehearsals...

Who would tell or whisper such a thing?

Is this an april fool's announcement?


QjackCtl 0.3.10 is out!

Enjoy &&


Project page:


Weblog (upstream support):


QjackCtl is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • Session infra-client management finally being added.
  • Preparations for Qt5 migration.
  • Transport tempo (BPM) precision display fixed to 4 digits.
  • Color-candy (dang old ANSI terminal?) escape sequences are now silently stripped from jackdbus messages captured log (one-liner from original patch by Brendan Jones, thanks).
  • List ALSA device card id. string instead of device number, while on setup dialog.
  • Japanese (ja) translation added (by Takashi Sakamoto).

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Thanks for this great application.
I may or may not love qjackctl more than vodka!

Using this great piece of software for I don't know how many years now.. Great work!

Can you give us a little bit more informations related to session infra client management ? What is it exactly ?

Best regards,


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infra-clients are about those client applications that are not coded with specific jack-session support but you want to let them get automatically started when loading a previously saved jack-session.

for instance, qsynth has no jack-session support. if you save a session where qsynth participates, next time you load that session you will see that qsynth don't get automatically started so that you'll ought to launch it manually at least once.

that's the trick of infra-clients: you set the corresponding command executable for missing client names on session load. you probably would notice that qjackctl automatically adds suspect missing client names when saving a session, the ones marked with a small white cross on a red circle. you are then suggested to edit and set their respective launch command line immediately, otherwise it won't get run when loading the just saved session and, also important to note, won't get saved through next time you run qjackctl.

thus, the infra-client table is a map that associates client-names to their corresponding launch command line, as shown on the bottom-half pane of the session window. it gets implicitly saved on configuration file so it lives, better said survives, across qjackctl runtime cycles.


Hi Rui! Would it at all be possible for you to patch src/qjackctlSetupForm.ui to add pasuspender -- jackd as a server prefix option please?
Adding some kind of check that occurs when qjackctl starts to find out if the pulseaudio server is running and offer to set pasuspender -- jackd as the server prefix in qjackctl's configuration file would be really neat also. pulseaudio appears to be the default everywhere now. According to the document : How use PulseAudio and JACK from the jack website, we don't want the pulseaudio server running if we are going to use jack.
Thank You for creating and maintaining qjackctl sir!

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uh? why don't you enter it on the server prefix entry field as you want? why changing the source code with something i haven't ever used or plan to ? :)

otoh. i think, but not completely sure as you might imgine, that newer jack2 (maybe only when as a dbus service aka. jackdbus) have special arrangements for native pulseaudio co-operation, so that the pasuspender trick is now deprecated. again, i'm not sure of this, only heard it by word of mouth ;)


Thanks a lot for your work!! :)

I've a question!
Do you know why sometimes in gnome panel notification area (fallback mode) appears o disappears the qjackctl icon? In some sessions appear and not in others... Seems something really random... :S

any idea?


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is "nope" polite enough for an answer? :)

i don't do have much use of gnome, if any at all. i always try to play fair with it, uh... now, as you might already know, pardon me please, my personal stance about gnome goes straight like this (imnsho):

gnome is the biggest waste of time and human effort in the dang whole free/open-source software history. although extremely and highly talented--have no doubt--those mexican boys just made a fool of you all--rncbc

kde was there before and it's still here now. it's no monkey business. never was ;) and please don't start yafw. you won't change my mind and i sure won't try to change yours.

anyway, all that to say you better ask some of your gnome fellows instead, perhaps?


He he he...
I'll continue investigating what can happen... Is strange because is really random, but only with qjackctl, not with any of the other notification icons...

And about desktop managers:
Gnome-fallback mode (AKA Gnome 2 refurbished xD) is something "abandoned?". Gnome guys are more interested in other things (Gnome shell) than continue developing gnome-panel. Maybe I'm a "retro" man? I like to have that little bar at bottom or top of my desktop, doing all things I need..

I was trying XFCE for a long time... I'm very happy with it in my netbook, but for the Desktop is too much "lite" for me... He he... The clock, the sysmon, the nautilus file manager... There are a lot of things that I really like of gnome... Maybe too much time using it... Now I can't live without it? Who knows! :P

And I never was a KDE user... I don't know if its the lack of GTK look or what happens, but I never feel comfortable with it...

Well, and one more time... Thanks for QjackCTL, is fantastic!! :)

PD: Sorry for my english ;)

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glad that you didn't take as personal offense.

fact is, i can't comment on the slightest part of it when gnome is the topic or a subject :)

hope you understand.

cheers ntl.

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