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Icon and graphics for Vee One suite

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i didn't tell you before but you can edit your OP and upload new files in there; no need for any new topics of their own.

ok. just for the records, i've uploaded my (raster) gimp2 xcf file that was the source for the current icons as of late v0.3.3.

the colors you suggest are in the, what can i say, pastel hues. i'll be a lot more pleased if you take the primary hues instead as you can certainly find on my lousy ones :)

now, nagging ahead, nitpicking/suggestions:
a) glass/shiny effect on the "1"?
b) a bit a of translucency on the "1" over the "V"?
c) maybe some asymmetry welcome on the "1" over the "V", like say, "V1" ;)?


I shall look into a, b, c and the hue as the next thing to do, (I didn't see this comment before today).


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the newly proposed vee one icons (99% final; by Jarle Richard Akselsen, thanks)

ain't 'em gorgeous? big thanks to Jarle, he's the man :)

i wonder if it's alright to put some (uhoh) raster drop-shadow on each of the smaller icons... :) let's try...

i guess (imho) the drop-shadow gets uglier on the 128px wide ones; otoh, it improves (a lot) below the 64px wide others--judge for yourself.

just for the record the current lame icons are resp.:


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jftr. this new icon set is now branded for life... svn trunk aka.

old lame old-school'ers are now history :)


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all above icon display updated to the Vee-One-Suite_Icons3 (99.99% final)

also commited to svn trunk already.


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