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A Tutorial on Qtractor

Pawel Wolniewicz got me to know about one short tutorial on Qtractor, that was just made available here:

How to record a multitrack song using Qtractor.

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Ciao rui
I made also some video demos with the Qranger ( Qtractor engine of course)

People now can understand better the Qtractor AMAZING possibility.
here are:
Video how I have recorded the first pattern with some chords table
the same session loaded then on Mediastation qranger engine


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Thanks Domenico. I'm really happy that things look (and sound) that good and as promising. It's actually a great feeling when something YOU designed gets real. Yes, qranger is YOUR topping on the qtractor cake ;) certainly much more than just that...

I guess there's still many bread crumbs to clean and sweep out, but what I see is already impressive.

All the best.
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

A Tutorial on Qtractor - Thanks, very great article.

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