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disable mod wheel in Qsynth

Hi! I am trying to use Qsynth with the Calf Plugin. I want to use my Modulation Wheel to control Calf without having the Mod Wheel affect Qsynth. How can i disable the Mod Wheel in Qsynth, or what command do I use in terminal to start Qsynth with the Mod Wheel completely disabled? (In fact, how would i disable the sustain pedal if I wished?)


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the general answer for your questions do not pertain to qsynth (fluidsynth) or calf or any other instrument which implementation recognizes and reacts to modwheel events (MIDI CC#1) ootb.

what you may need is probably a MIDI filter/router that lets you configure which specific MIDI events gets dropped and/or re-routed; there several tools that may accomplish this and that; try qmidiroute for instance.


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Thanks, i will try that. :-)

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