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Map midi channels using midifilter.lv2 plugins


First of all, thanks for all the useful software coming from this developer and community. I wouldn't be using the computer for music if there weren't such polished pieces of code freely available to the community.

Now on to my question...

I have a generic MIDI controller with 16 knobs but I would like to be able to control more than only 16 synthesis parameters. For that purpose, I'm trying to make use of a midifilter.lv2 plugin called "channel map".

I would then assign one of the 16 controllers to the channel mapper, so that midi channel 1 gets mapped to (for instance) channel 2, and then I could assign the remaining 15 controllers to other 15 functions in qtractor/plugins. I guess this could be useful for many people too.

However, no matter where in the MIDI chain I insert this plugin (Master In, MIDI track or Master out) I still only get output on channel 1.

I tried doing the same thing on Carla, and it's mostly working (except for ocassional output on wrong channels).

Am I missing something or is it that qtractor is designed to ignore midi channels?

Thanks again,

Have a good one


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