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SF2 bank selection and preset names


If I load the Fluid R3 GM Soundfont into qsynth, open the Channels window then double-click on a channel then I can switch between banks and also see the names of all the programs in the current bank - I don't seem to be able to do either when I load the same sf2 into qsampler. (change bank or see program/preset names).

Further, the 'Instrument' drop-down only lists the first 100 presets (without listing their names) when qsynth tells me there are 128 presets in the first bank alone.

Are these bugs or unimplemented features - in qsampler or LS - or just me missing stuff?


I've just loaded Fluid R3 into jsampler and it shows me all the preset names and I get a choice of 188 instruments within Fluid R3 so I'm now pretty certain this is a bug within qsampler rather than LS.

I'd be quite happy if qsampler lumped all instruments from all banks into one list like jsampler does. I'd much prefer to be able to use qsampler as my LS GUI when I'm using soundfonts as I have a Java allergy.

Thanks Rui!

Yeah, indeed.. there were times I wish qsampler was more similar to some of the neat features on jsampler!

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Are these bugs or unimplemented features - in qsampler or LS - or just me missing stuff?
it's unimplemented features.

qsampler was originally designed when linuxsampler and GIG were the only sample format supported; qsampler lists an instrument file presets (banks, programs) via libgig which only applies when the GIG engine is selected, i'm afraid that libgig doesn't cope with SF2 (or SFZ) at this time.


[UPDATE:] latest svn trunk aka. qsampler v0.2.3.3 has some news on this front but largely untested though.

I've just compiled the latest qsampler svn under buntu 12.04 and my very brief testing indicates qsampler is handling SF2 quite nicely now so thanks v.much for yet another lightning fast fix RNCBC! I can see all the instruments with their names under qsamplers channel editor now so this bodes very well indeed for my Javaitus.

You are the qman!


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today Christian also made it all better yet, qsampler v0.2.3.4 (svn trunk) now lets you select the instrument/preset right from the sampler channel strip.

check it out! :) holy thanks to Christian

I had thought about that myself so its great to hear its easier to switch instruments - I'll check it out later.

Thanks for pointing that out Rui!

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