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This old donkey's learning new languages...

Gitpretty slowly...

that is to say we're (gosh! I mean) I am (one has to be honest, ain't we? never mind, I say), moving all our (dang, my) projects source code control to Git.

Yeah, finally. Never is too late, somehow.

And the time is now, or is it?

Anyway, in the meanwhile, the official Subversion (SVN) repositories are moving no matter what,

the old paths,

are from this moment now being migrated to:

and that's it.

Or in some old dead and wrong latin: ego dixit*, whatever ;)

nuff said.

* ps. the ego particle is the wrong one: in (old) latin, verbs don't get pronouns pre-pended, whatever again x)

[UPDATE:] the new respective Git repositories will be from now on referred as follows:

pps. regarding post caption: it's a literal translation to an old saying around here (pt_PT)--many should reckon it vaguely related to old dogs and new tricks ;)


Yeah - I was wondering why you said donkey rather than dog.

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That's good news! Hopefully this makes things easier for fellow devs to contribute to your projects.

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