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Bluetooth headphones?

Hello Everyone,

I'm using QjackCtl together with Rakarrack: I have an electric guitar connected to my PC with a (5 metre) Lindy USB guitar cable; the audio output through a pair of wired headphones. Everything works perfectly.

However, I recently bought a pair of Sony DR-BTN200 bluetooth headphones with the hope that I could listen to the audio output from Rakarrack at a distance of up to 5 metres from my PC. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to configure QjackCtl to make the bluetooth headphones the output device.

I should mention that in all other cases the bluetooth headphones connect and broadcast seamlessly via the Plugable bluetooth USB dongle.

My PC is running Ubuntu 14.04 and QjackCtl 0.3.10

Any advice, suggestions or ideas much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


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nor jack and thus qjackctl has no party on that matter.

maybe you should, or ought to, look whether pulseaudio is of any help there. as it's the de facto standard engine for anything else but pro(duction) audio ...

rest assured that pulse and jack can coexist.

if that serves you as an anecdote, on my own personal systems (a few desktops and laptops, all on opensuse13.2) i do have it all in a somewhat dangling coop-existence, if that is of any significance to you (pulseaudio vs. jackaudio that is). however, as far as pulseaudio goes, as formerly stated, i am far from it to help you on that whole matter. but i believe is what can help you there (bluetooh audio anything).



Hello Thomas how are you. I really believe the bluetooth headphones are the best. Most of them can work with the usb cable in case you want to recharge them and the battery has a long autonomy, i highly recommend those.
The brands i'd recommend are plantronics, since is my favourite brand of all. You mention your pc runs on ubuntu and you bought a sony, but in that case the model i could recommend i'd say the sony sbh20 which are getting more and more famous every day. Of course is up to you but check them out!
happy new year

hi thomas, my recomendation is practical the same as david about the bluetooth headphones quality and is strange that you cant use the bluetooth correctly with your computer, in my case i would check if your computer have any issue with the bluetooh and the conection to check if you have some problem or check in the internet if your headphone had a similar problem with other device. i recenlty bouth the  sony MDRV6 and work perfect.

Same here, I'm running ubuntu with my BoseQc35 [] and worked fine, all though i prefer to use it with the cable more and more as they heat up a little and I'm not sure how healthy the bluetooth radiation is

I am also running ubutny and I use a Sennheiser Rs 160 bluetooth headphones, like the ones in here and never had a problem I strongly recommend them, bluetooth is perfectly fine.

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