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Excessive xruns caused by desktop activities

Hi Rui

The following effect occurs on Fedora 21 and KXStudio 14.04 and occurs with KDE, LXQT and openbox desktops.

Excessive xruns occur when:

- a window is drag and dropped by the title bar with the mouse

- the contents of a window are scrolled with the centre mouse wheel

- the mouse hovers over a control, e.g. with hint.

Does this effect occur with other systems / desktops and is there a known solution or workaround?

Cheers, Simon

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i suspect your graphics device is having a hell of a party :)

that or jackd has not given enough real-time priority--as a rule of thumb, it should be one tick below of the target sound device and above the one of i8042 (pc-keyboard, ps/2 mouse); if your mouse is a usb one then maybe you'll have to tweak that RTIRQ_NAME_LIST again and either get rid of the "usb" particle over there or include only the usb ports (eg. "usb1", "usb2", etc.) where potential rather interesting devices are connected (eg. an usb sound device).


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