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Possible to connect to a Asio or AES67/Ravenna device with Jack on an Ubuntu 14.04 based laptop

Hi dear audio people, :-)

I have a question:

Is it possible to connect a Asio/AES67/Ravenna AD/DA audio converter via the Ethernet port on a laptop running Jack in Ubuntu 14.04 and use a DAW like e.g. Ardour, Qtractor or other bit-correct DAW/playback software.? The device in question is the Hapi from Merging Technologies.

Hope you can help.

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thanks for asking but i'm afraid this forum is not quite the adequate one for your quest(ion).

however, if you're asking whether it may work on Linux through ALSA and JACK, the answer is most probably a "clueless maybe" :)

the very limited knowledge about this stuff only allows me to hint you to the MADI 64 i/o slot option and probably use an additional eg. RME interface for just that, which has known supported ALSA drivers and thus will work with JACK alright.


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