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Some Plugins grayed out

Hello there,...

I have observed a rather(may be not so) weird thing in qtractor's plugins window that some plugins are grayed out (Screenshot below).

I have also observed another thing is that mostly(well almost 90%) duplicates(repeated more than once) are grayed out(I mean unusable)...

but i cannot come to conclusion of above thing because some plugins are not repeated(i mean those only appear once) are also grayed out.

I don't understand because i have not installed plugins twice(rechecked it) and also note that they are not different Plugin type(like lv2,dssi,ladspa) u can see in the screenshot that plugins of same type have been repeated and grayed out......another interesting fact is that only ladspa and lv2 plugins are grayed out but not dssi or vst. i have tested in carla,ardour but none of them have this problem(although they show the two plugins(i mean the repeated one's)...) but qtractor grayed out completely.....

Cheers :-)

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plugins are grayed out when they don't make sense on the context, track or bus you're trying to add/insert into.

for example, plugins that have no audio ins/outs (cf. Audio column = 0:0) will be always grayed out; plugins with only MIDI i/o will get grayed out on audio tracks or buses;

otoh. on your screenshot i see duplicate plugin names (eg. "AMS Amp") but there are indeed NOT duplicates as in fact they have distinct identifiers (cf. Path, which for LV2 plugins is the called URI); they're grayed out due to one of the rules said above, NOT because they have duplicate names.


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