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VSTI on Qtractor/ VST-SDK ?

Hi, french girl in trouble :-).
I am on ubuntu studio, with KX studio suite. I am using Ardour, hydrogen, and I would like to use Qtractor. I install it, and it works well. I like it. But I have a problem. I would like to use VSTI. I installed Festige, it works well. My vsti are in a folder in my "home". I indicated the corrects directories in Qtractor. But I can't see them when I tried to add tem. I didn't install the VST-SDK 2.4 because it dosen't exist anymore on the steinberg site... I can connect some out and in in the jack patchbay using a2jmidid -e control. But nothing happened in Qtractor, can't ear or record anything. I am totally lost. Thank you for your help !

Edit : problem solved, my patchbay wasn't good.

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hope you're out of trouble by now :)

i suppose you're trying to run windows VSTi (.dll's) and still the existing way to get them to work on qtractor is about and through DSSI-VST.

that means you'll have to install the "dssi-vst" package, if available, and search and select for plugins under the DSSI type; dssi-vst is a plugin bridge that lets you run MS-Windows VSTi plugins on Linux through WINE, dssi-vst do searches for VSTi .dll's under the directories given by the VST_PATH environment variable.

you said you already have success with Festige so all that is just for your information, in case you missed :)

also, you don't need to install the VST-SDK at all, even though you're not building/compiling from source code.


Everything's ok now ! thank you :-)
Yes, I try to run windows vsti. I installed DSSI-VST package. It's perfect ! I am very glad
Thank you for those informations.
I was convinced that I needed VST-DSK... but with Festige and the pachbay it is super !
Qtractor is really what I needed . This program is very great !

Have a good day

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