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The QStuff* Winter'22 Release batch #1

Hi all,

The first batch of the QStuff* is now being released for the New Year: QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler, QXGEdit, QmidiCtl and QmidiNet, are all out for the (northern) Winter'22 season.


Sorry again for the old Latin title... not to be confused to any Azimov's foundational world...

It's there just to tell, as a follow-up and conclusion to an earlier Interruptus:

  • The autotools (autoconf, automake, etc.) build system have been dropped, definitively -- CMake is the sole ruler now, for all [Qstuff*] builds and packaging.


Qtractor 0.9.24 - An Autumn'21 Release

Hello everybody,

Qtractor 0.9.24 (autumn'21) is released!


  • A new option has been added to reset/resend all MIDI track/channel and buses controllers on playback start (cf. View/Options.../MIDI/Playback/Reset all controllers on playback start).
  • Whenever possible, avoid suggesting Save As... to an extracted archive/zip directory.
  • Fixed an old nasty mistake when renaming session names and then saving into an archive/zip bundle file (.qtz).
  • Fixed Mixer multi-row automatic layout consistency, when adding new or removing existing tracks or buses.

QjackCtl 0.9.5 - An Autumn'21 Release

Hi all,

QjackCtl - JACK Audio Connection Kit Qt GUI Interface

QjackCtl 0.9.5 (autumn'21) is released!

QjackCtl is an aged yet modern, not so simple anymore, Qt application to control the JACK sound server, for the Linux Audio infrastructure.


  • Streamlined Windows and MacOSX deliverables (by Alexis Murzeau).
  • Korean (ko) translation added (by JungHee Lee).

Qtractor 0.9.23 - An Early-Summer'21 Release batch #3

Hello again, one third and last time...

But happy to announce yet another point release of, drum roll please...

Qtractor 0.9.23 (early-summer'21) is out!

Changes for this hot season are just but a few, nothing heartbreaking:

  • Dropped the 'Activate' option on the plug-in Selection dialog, now being as always on by default.
  • Have some tolerance for JACK buffer-size changes, only prompting to a complete session reload, if increasing in double the initial period size.
  • Introducing plug-in blacklisting, on user discretion (in View/Options.../Plugins/Blacklist) and on inventory scan (crashed plug-ins are now automatically blacklisted).
  • Added special support for LV2 UI GTK2 plugins based on Gtkmm 2.4 framework.
  • All builds default to Qt6 (Qt >= 6.1) where available.
  • CMake is now the official build system.


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