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Qtractor migrating to Qt4

As of today, I started the boring task of migrating Qtractor to Qt4.

As one might know, Qtractor is currently a plain Qt3 application, still in alpha stage of development but already functional. At least you can already do some Audio/MIDI sequencing with it, being its main objective.

The Qt3 to Qt4 source code migration will occur privately and slowly, as time permits and probably it will span for more than a couple of weeks I think. So, in the mean time, enjoy Qtractor in its current Qt3 form, while it lasts.

QjackCtl 0.2.21 is out!

In the wake of the JACK 0.102.20 release, here goes the respective friendly GUI: QjackCtl 0.2.21 is out.

As usual, the change-log says it all:
- GPL address update.
- All window captions can now be set smaller as tool-widgets. This option takes effect when child windows are kept always on top.
- For the brave of heart, specially the ones brave enough to try with Stephane Letz's jackdmp, a win32 build should be now possible.

Time's Up

I do remember the time when I was some discrete fan-boy of Living Colour, and that album name just made me a heads up too. Ugly heads! OK, this is me and my first post on this drupal thing.

I hope you enjoy...

Ah, maybe you remember this dusty old hook: webcam?

Another hunch strikes me this precise moment. The timestamp of this very post landmarks my own 42nd anniversary, so to speak. Keeping with that, I wish a very happy birthday to me and the most and greatest cheers to my family, and specially to my very loved mother wherever You are now. I know You've an eye on me, always. I love You. I know You love me too.


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