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Happy New 2007

Here we are at the last days of 2006, making already wishes for another good year. On my side, there's sure plenty to do but so little spare time to make all those things real. At least before the year ends :)

Alright, there's one thing that I certainly must do this very week-end (and year-end too), and that will be like putting up some kind of demo/paper submission to the forthcoming LAC2007 5th International Linux Audio Conference which will take place during 22-25 March 2007 at TU-Berlin, Germany.

Qtractor fixed for Qt 4.2

In a rogue attempt to fix and adapt to Qt 4.2, the track-list widget which is nothing more than the tabular widget at the main window left-pane, has been completely rewritten from scratch. It is now based on the custom scroll-view class, as all other scrollable widgets are, instead of being a natively bloated QTableView derivative. The fine print now says the track-list vs. track-view vertical scrolling is now back to pixel resolution and looks way better too.

But not so fast pal, there's some noticeable drawbacks lurking around and one is certain that quite evident as sessions now load faster :)

Qtractor broken on Qt 4.2 ?

It was just yesterday when I've upgraded my laptop to openSUSE 10.2, which went fine by the way. Trouble is, it comes with Qt 4.2.1 and with fingers-crossed I let Qtractor run and/or build for the very first time on that -- as a sidenote, the recent migration went trough Qt 4.1 which was bundled in openSUSE 10.1. The fine print says now that Qtractor works in general on the the new Qt line, but there's a serious issue between the track-list item heights and respective vertical scroll synchronization with the track-view pane, that is the main view in fact :) Good grief, I have to spend some more time digging the QTableView class et al.

Qtractor migration to Qt4: complete.

Just in time for the Halloween season and without disguise, Qtractor migration to Qt4 is now complete and committed to CVS. The migration process spanned over three precise weeks as one can certainly confirm from the previous posts in this blog.

It was kind of boresome, but it is now done. In fact I can tell that the new Qt4 codebase is almost a complete rewrite from the old Qt3 one. To be fair, almost half of the current 50.000 C++ source-code lines were (re)touched in some way or another, but the core functionality remained fundamentally the same, with some scattered improvements I must say.

Qt4 migration: status report

After a very busy week, the Qt4 porting of Qtractor is going smoothly but harder than expected. Mostly because of some old habits acquired over several years while doing Qt3 programming, which are now being shifted and deprecated.

The most notorious case seems to be buried under good old QListView class usage, which has been pervasive on most of my GUI coding. Plain substitution by the new convenience View/Model classes, namely QTreeWidget, is indeed the way to go, but is not trivial nor a linear process.


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