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The Fluffy Doll

Merry season greetings! After a very long quarantine period, and while after the last Flirty Ditz romance, this pet has calmly bumped a few more steps ahead. Please welcome, my Christmas present to y'all,

Qtractor 0.3.0 (fluffy doll) has been released!

Release highlights:

  • Paste-Repeat command.
  • Punch in/out recording.
  • Session/project template support.
  • Current track auto-monitoring.
  • MIDI buses now supporting multi-timbral instrument plug-ins.
  • Individual clip gain/volume, normalize and audio/MIDI file export.
  • Copy/paste to desktop environment clipboard.

and many, many fixes and new bugs ;)

QjackCtl 0.3.4 Patchbay Snapshot Revamp

A semester has gone by, since last release, with no big news on this front. Alas, on the verge of the coming one-dot-oh release of the mighty JACK Audio Connection Kit, here goes one fine update of its old and aged Qt GUI front-end:

QjackCtl 0.3.4 is out!

Nothing much new to see but you might welcome the patch-bay snapshot revamp, which might finally do the right thing, and the rand new translations that are getting in place: German (de), Spanish(es), French (fr) and Russian (ru). Many thanks to all involved.

Hot Pick Revisited

I must have been terribly busy to miss this one earlier. Or at least completely away from this Earth. It was only yesterday, more than two months later when doing some course browsing over some past magazines, that I've stumbled with joy over one of those, quite by chance though. Surprisingly enough, given that I've the magazine in matter since this late Summer,,my dearest project has been granted a very graceful review from, once again, the Linux Format UK's best-selling Linux magazine. Yes, just half a year later from being the Hottest Pick, Qtractor is now a Hot Pick Revisited on this late August 2008 issue (LXF108). Awe!

The Flirty Ditz

Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application, written in C++ on top of Qt Software's Qt4 framework, having JACK and ALSA as its main infrastructures and Linux as native and exclusive platform. Specially suited to the lone-wolf composer, arranger and (re)creative music-maker personal home-studio, it still hopes to evolve as a fairly featured desktop audio/MIDI workstation or at least, a prototypical part of it ;)

Qtractor 0.2.2 (flirty ditz) is out!

Release highlights:

  • Stephen Doonan joined documentation team and revised the user manual.
  • Spurious MIDI events recording bug now fixed.
  • Audio track monitoring and plugin loop processing slightly improved if not fixed.
  • MIDI clip editor improved precision and correct snapping.
  • Multiple track mute and solo one-click toggling (NEW).
  • Better MIDI connection persistance across sessions.
  • Record-armed tracks aren't muted on playback anymore (NEW).
  • Optimized audio clip waveform caching and drawing.
  • Many more or less fixes (see change-log).

Saturday, September the 6th, I was once again pleased to attend the second National openSUSE Portuguese Meeting (ENOS), in a renewed invitation from Carlos Gonçalves. This time I had a chance to talk around the current Linux Audio/MIDI scenario and, of course, my brainchild Qtractor.


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