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Default colour of markers

Is it possible to change the default colour of markers?

When I open the Tempo Map/Markers window and add a marker, the colour is always #808080. This is too faint for me and is not the colour I want, but I have change it for each individual marker I add.

I have used View - Options to look at the colour theme details (I am using the default scheme), and none of the colours there is #808080, so I can't apparently change it there. I have also added my chosen colour (black!) as the only custom colour in the colour selector, which makes it slightly quicker to change, but I still have to do it for every new marker.

Is there a way to get qtractor to remember the colour I want?

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you're right! there's no current way to remember the last color you assigned to a marker...

I'll have to fix that! I guess :)...


UPDATE: fixed already! in develop branch ( enjoy!

That's fantastic! What other software allows you to report a shortcoming and get it fixed within a matter of hours or minutes?

Thank you so much - I use a lot of markers, and this will make life much easier.

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