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Track auto background colour property


The auto checkbox doesn't hold the value. If you check the box, close the window and open it again, the checkbox will be empty. Is that correct?

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hi, mind you, it's not quite a property, rather just a UI convenience...

did you accept the (auto) color setting last time you added a new track? if not then it won't get recalled on next new tracks for sure; also, it won't be set on ever while editing existing tracks, for which both foreground and background colors are already settled, but you can still check it on for the help.

TL;DR, yes, it's correct.


I think the behavior that the user expects on an intuitive level is:

If the track has been created or modified with "auto" checked, when it is opened it must be checked. The same goes the other way around.

What this means, as Rui comments, is creating an individual track property, like any other property (selected midi bank etc...)

Now, is it worth implementing it?

As it is now it is functional, although it is true that it creates a certain strangeness.

I wanted to specify that this hypothetical track property would be an addition not a replacement to the current global behavior (which is correct).

I'll try to help by actually paying attention to the option and sharing what my expectation would be in terms of clicking the box.

Ok so create a new track...

Set preferred colors...

There's the Auto checkbox... I'd expect clicking on it to be interpreted as "Set any new tracks created in the future to use these colors so I don't have to do this again every time".

Click it

WTF? It changed the foreground color to something other than what I specified. I'm immediately confused and just back away. It's easy enough for me to select the 2 colors every time though I do realize it falls into the "grunt work" category. I feel the inner shame but take comfort in the fact that my cats still love me :D

What you mention seems more like a new functionality.
A check at the end:
[x] Set new tracks

Yep. Probably more of a global option since the preference wouldn't be scoped at a track level. If such a global option were enabled, the track-specific setting would then act as an override but only when set.

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hi, let me say it again, now in terse terms, somewhat:

the "Auto" background color checkbox is only preserved when adding new tracks

a corollary ensues: on all already existing tracks the background color is dang free to choose, as long the damn "Auto" checkbox is not hit on.


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