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Grayscale Theme

v0.3 of the theme is available.

Big thanks to Rui for dealing with all my asks and G3N-es for the initial inspiration.


I have uploaded your update along with one from Tecnico.
This time I uploaded it without modifying anything. Downloaded from your Git, uploaded to VTQ.

Greetings :)

Greetings right back at ya :) I'll be checking out your newer stuff later tonight. Always on the lookout to make improvements. Thanks for letting me know.

Updated to v0.4

seq mix

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Hello again,

I've noticed my theme is suffering when it comes to clearly showing ghost notes and wonder if anyone has ideas? Track colors are always set to the following:

Foreground: #222222 Background: #878c6a

ghost notes

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increase lightness or value of the track foreground color; or/and use a darker base color on the palette.

ps. that's probably the price you take for having such a low-contrast color theme.

Hi Rui,

I gave it a shot but even setting foreground color to #ffffff results in too many undesirable side-effects. For example, shadows (I thought I disabled them... maybe I forgot this last time) are now white? The left-most area of the track takes on that color as well and despite both being set to the same color, there appears to be a tint of sorts applied which is clearly intended as a helper in order to help distinguish rows. Needless to say, it's clear all of these issues are a direct result of the magic coloring algorithm happening behind the scenes. Clearly, this algorithm offered tremendous value at one point (and still will for those who choose to avoid what is possible with QSS) but things are at a point now where it can certainly be a bit of a thorn in Qtractor's side. Even though I know it's a bit of a band-aid, perhaps I could request yet another global color option for the purpose of rendering this ghost data?

white ghosts

All the best

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sorry, I meant track background color (not foreground)

and nope, there won't be any other color option for ghost notes: they are just dimmed/transparent versions of the non-ghost colors. and that's it.


I think it is mainly a problem of saturation.

If the theme is dark gray (saturation 0), demand tracks with very saturated and light color.
Try #eaff04.

If you look at your events, the ghost notes are much more readable.

Another solution, as Rui indicates, is to darken the background in notes a little more. Not as much as in events, because the truth is that one of the cool things about your theme is clearly distinguishing the notes and events area, but something else.

OK, I understand. Thank you both for the clarity. I'll muck with the piano roll's background.

oh yea!

green ghosts

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