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Possible small bug in VST list window when adding a plugin

I'm using Debian unstable 64 bit with the KX repos, and QTractor 0.8.0;
when I choose "Add Plugin..." for a track or bus and select VST, not all my VST plugins are listed, and here's what I have noticed:
my first configured vst folder in the options is /usr/lib/vst, and that's where the few listed plugins come from;
that directory contains the carla-vst subdirectory and the last listed plugins are the carla ones.

Basically, the function that populates the list goes down to the subfolder, lists its contents... and then forgets to go up a level and finish the job, including the other configured paths.
I've purged the carla-vst package, having the -lv2 anyway, and now the list is longer, stopping at the next subfolder.
Also, by moving /usr/lib/vst to the end of my path list, I can now see the plugins in the other paths, lessening the issue even more.
I've tested this behaviour both with the Debian official package and the KX one.


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looks like something under /usr/lib/vst/, most probably carla.vst, is interrupting prematurely the VST plugin scan process (qtractor_vst_scan).

don't know if it applies but maybe carla.vst still has some links to old Qt4 widget styles which cannot co-exist onto a Qt5 process address space (or/and vice-versa)... once before it would suffice to remove the styles symlink under carla.vst sub-directory, in your case:

sudo rm -vf /usr/lib/vst/carla.vst/styles

that will do, hopefully, and won't cripple carla-vst in any major way, hopefully you will only loose some skinning or style themeing capabilities to carla-vst, but that's just sugary eye-candy, nothing fundamentally critical ;)

in case you want to revert the hack, without reinstalling Carla altogether, that is:

sudo ln -svf /usr/lib/carla/styles /usr/lib/vst/carla.vst/styles


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Thank you very much for the workaround; while I was at it, I spotted a few more plugins creating trouble in my case:

HiLoFilter - from the teragonaudio-plugins-vst KX package, no additional files/folders
InstaLooper3VST-x64, InstaLooperVST-x64 - manually installed, no additional files/folders
RaveGenerator2VST - manually installed, Patches and presets additional folders
Speaker_GodsCab, Speaker_GodsCab__stereo_input, Speaker_GuitarHacksCab, Speaker_KalthallenCabs - manually installed, IR additional folders

I'm just mentioning them as info on possibly misbehaving plugins and not to request a change in the qtractor_vst_scan; the first one is the most interesting as it's just one file (no surprises from subfolders) and the other plugins from the same package load without issues (NotNotchFilter, ChaosChimp, BeatCounter, ExtraNotes).

An interesting thing is that, even after removing the offenders, the next directories in my settings list don't get scanned; but as said, that's not an issue as I can put /usr/lib/vst at the end of the list and all goes fine :)


I'd like to add intrument sets on Qtractor (linux mint 22.0) but I don't know how to, since import instruments windows leads me to an empty directory asking for ins *.lf2-3 midnam files.

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you'll need to provide an existing instrument definition file (*.ins) to VIew > Instruments... > Import... for sure; in alternative, you may supply a .midnam or even a .sf2 file to get the proper instrument preset, patch, controller and key names, etc. where applicable.

the most recent versions (qtractor >= 0.9.90) come bundled with this general standard (GM/GS/XG) instruments definition file Standard1.ins installed under <prefix>/share/qtractor/instruments/ directory.


ps. note that this only deals with instrument names for presets, programs, controllers, drum-note/keys, etc.... it won't provide any operational/sounding instruments whatsoever--for that, you must provide a proper MIDI driven instrument plugin or external application or even vintage outboard hardware :)

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