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Saturday, September the 6th, I was once again pleased to attend the second National openSUSE Portuguese Meeting (ENOS), in a renewed invitation from Carlos Gonçalves. This time I had a chance to talk around the current Linux Audio/MIDI scenario and, of course, my brainchild Qtractor. The meeting was a success and I wish I could have made it through longer and better. So many thoughts to share, so little time to make it all heard and seen.

There's the photo gallery of the event. ENOS08 is over and it has been told that next year will take place in the city of Castelo Branco. Seeya there, maybe then I'll have the time to complete a decent presentation.

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Nice photos. Which ones include your mug? Lemme guess: 1828-1843 and p2090155. Am I right? ;)


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yep, that's me. and also p2090148 (setting up the rig) p2090155 (me and the head organizer, Calos Gonçalves) and p2090157 (during the talk :)


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