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Out of sync Audio tracks with many segments (also durung mute/unmute)

Congratulations with your 0.4 release, Rui.

I am amazed as in what a short time (a few months) you managed to implement Tempo/Time Signature map. And the T/TS Map seems to be working quite good.

Still, some polishing is needed, and here I am to report a few exceptions. that would probably need your attention.
Please note that the following bugs occur both when using and NOT using the Tempo/Time Signature feature.

1. The audio tracks get out of sync. This applies if an audio track consists of more than one clip and if the playback starts at any point except the beginning. It doesn't happen always, it happens 50% of the time I would say.

Similar to that is
2. Mute/Unmute out-of-sync. If an audio track is muted and unmuted during playback, it gets out of sync. Again, this only applies if the song has been started anywhere but not the beginning. And the clips that get out of sync are those that have more then one segment in them. This happens 100% of the time.

If the song starts from beginning, and is not stopped, then mute/unmute doesn't affect it (and all audio tracks play in total sync)

1. Doesn't remember midi out. This has probably been reported. I use Qsynth, and connect the Midi-out in Qtractor to Qsynth. If/when I (re)start Qtractor, most of the time Qsynth is not connected within Qtractor and I have to do it manually. This is an old bug, was happening since I started using Qtractor (Christmas 2008). All (my) other midi-devices are connected fine. Please note that Qsynth is started always before Qtractor.


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Hi Viktor,

Many thanks for trying and report.

Re. 1. The audio tracks get out of sync and 2. Mute/Unmute out-of-sync seem to be related if not the same. I've taken some time trying to reproduce this out-of-sync behavior and it indeed seems most probable on tracks with more than one audio clip and never on the first clip. I'll keep investigating and please try to isolate and/or characterize this nasty bug even further, if you can.

[UPDATE: 2. Mute/Unmute out-of-sync was fixed and indeed it was very shameful and hideous one kind of a bug: a single coding character mistake does a lot of a difference, specially when that single character stands for a plus ('+') instead of a minus ('-'). Check the fix out from qtractor-, CVS of course. Maybe it also fixes 1. on your side ]

Re. Doesn't remember midi out. it's supposed to be fixed, quite recently however, just before the 0.4.0 release, yesterday. Are you sure you're referring to this latest and greatest?


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