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Song Position pointer how do you set it

Hi there
What a great bit of software Qtractor is...........loads of's really coming on .........well done. Can't wait to see what the future's like the best bits of Acid and Cubase together on a stable platform.

One thing that I find confusing is how to move the red song position pointer. Sure you can use the forward and back arrows on the transport but I wanted to be able to click somewhere on the arrange page and the s.p.p jumps to where you click to. The only way I can see you can do this is to place the mouse cursor over over the red s.p.p and drag the mouse. I couldn't see a hotkey either......

Is there an easier way of being able to set the S.P.P quickly by clicking anywhere in the arrange page? (or in the timeline )?

Thanks for your advice.

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Aha, a quickie :)

Try Shift + Left-Click ? nb. song-position-pointer is called play-head in qtractor parlance.


Ahh brilliant! That has made such a difference thank you.

I can start making some techno now! Any tunes I do I will show you.

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Even brighter :) I'll be pleased and flattered to know how you break the toy apart and actually make some tunes :)


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