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New features in latest QTractor

Dear Rui,

I saw that again you have been very busy and interesting new features sneaked in.
After doing "configure", I get these two additional lines in the message:

LV2 Plug-in UI instantiation (NEW) . . . . . . . .: no
LV2 Plug-in QT4 UI support (NEW) . . . . . . . . .: no

I guess, the proper configure-switch for "LV2 Plug-in QT4 support" is --enable-lv2-qt4-ui. Do I need additional libraries?
I could not find out, how the switch for "LV2 Plug-in UI instantiation" should be done (--enable-lv2-ui-instantation is not recognized). Do I need additional libraries?
Besides that everything during compilation works fine.

Can you please elaborate a bit on these topics.

Thank you and greetings,

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those "features" pertains to a newer slv2 stack (>=0.7.0alpha) which is not ready for the masses yet :) this new slv2 stack includes strange names like suil, serd and sord, all from drobilla's den and are all currently in flux ...


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