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midi stops working when save dialog appears

qtractor stops responding to midi when save dialog appears and will work only if I reload the project. qtractor 0.50, although encountered it in earlier versions as well.

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hi Louigi,

may you give more details about the issue?

  1. which midi stops responding, is it midi input that doesn't show up or doesn't get recognized, or is it output that doesn't play a thing?
  2. which save dialog in particular? is it the session save dialog, clip save dialog or else?
  3. seeya

    ps. is this the same, or at least looks like, as bug #3290192, reported by autostatic?

Similar as to Autostatic, but in my case reloading project file helps and unresponsiveness is not random.

So, here it goes. Qtractor stops responding to midi input when I save session. This happens with external sequencers and external midi controllers. If an external sequencer is playing a plugin (with dedicated audio output), as the Save Session window comes up, it just stops playing. Sometimes I've had an external controller still work, but the plugins would not react to any midi input at all, be it control or notes. The solution - reload the project.

In the comments, he writes:

Date: 2011-04-20 19:56:15 UTC
Contrary to what I claimed on IRC Qtractor becomes responsive again after
reloading a session.

So I guess it is the same issue. Autostatic just might have not noticed WHAT triggers the unresponsiveness.

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just to let you know, i'm still failing to reproduce this behavior no matter i try...

even though, after our brief on irc yesterday where you pointed out that session templates are involved somehow, i can't deal to make midi not working at all, and boy i have tried many times :)

i have this suspicion that this might, just might, be related to the desktop environment in effect. please, take note that, depending on the desktop environment flavor or even of the distro where it might be built to purpose, libqt4 has this interesting feature that the file open/save requester dialog may get to be a native one--that means that when you open or save a file in qtractor, the actual dialog might be one native to your desktop environment and not necessarily a qt4 generic one.

for the record, i'm using kde4 (opensuse) and there seems to be no issues re. midi stopping when any of the common kde4 file open/save dialogs are up. so then i'll ask: which kind of dialogs are that in your case, do they look familiar to your desktop environment or do they look specific to qt4 applications, qtractor in particular? a screenshot or two would be welcome, just in case... ;)


I can confirm that under GNOME it does not matter whether there is a template or not. Tried same thing under Openbox - no problems whatsoever. It does seem to be dependant on the window manager.

Screenshots attached to the topic.

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so it all seems that it's gnome/gtk2 the source of the problem...

would you try the following tests, one at a time, just to make sure the issue gets isolated:

  1. start qtractor with any other gui style but gtk+, eg.
    qtractor -style plastique
  2. start qtractor under the console terminal after you set:
    export QT_NO_GLIB=1


case a. No bug - midi works fine after calling Save As dialog.

case b. Bug exists - after Save As dialog appears, qtractor stops receiving midi.

ps, offtopic: is there anywhere a list of styles available for qtractor?

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it depends on the libqt4-gui build you have and/or the possible additional qt4-style packages your distro makes available separately. you can look at the all available style names by running qtconfig. for instance, on my case, there are these options: cde, cleanlooks, gtk+, motif, oxygen, plastique, qtcurve and windows. ymmv ;)


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Wow, thanks Louigi for tracing this one down! This is the exact same issue that I've been facing for a while but I just couldn't figure out what the cause was! I did some tests and indeed, as soon as I do a File - Save as and the Save Session windows appears my BCF2000 becomes unresponsive. Running Qtractor with the plastique style doesn't cut off any midi connections.
Gee, thanks again, I was already wondering why my midi connections always survived any live session but now I know, I never do a Save as when doing stuff live...
Now the inevitable question of course, can this be "fixed" as this seems to be a gnome/gtk2 issue? Or is this the turning point where I should ditch Gnome and go KDE? ;)



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hi Jeremy,

there's no need to ditch gnome, in case your question isn't just being sarcastic ;) it suffices to avoid using gtk+ gui style, either in qtractor alone (qtractor -style anything-but-gtk+) or globally for all qt4 applications (qtconfig).

i guess you can close bug #3290192, if and when you please ?


ps. ultimately the issue should be transferred to the QGtkStyle developer(s) then.

How can the knowledge of this bug be made obvious to users? It can be a very unpleasant experience for those who do not know what is causing it.

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as said, this issue should be primarily addressed to QGtkStyle upstream. whatever who they are :S

you the people, pardon, you as first line users, as part of this community, should foster the definitive fix. i can hardly find myself responsible for this issue: remember, it doesn't affect me, never did or any other one who doesn't get gtk+ style in, ntl. :)

moreover, you the people, pardon :) you the users, may well hold high the torch of knowledge and throw the light to anyone facing the same issue barefoot. that's indeed the power of a community. do not ever underestimate that ;)

nuff said


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