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How to get stack traces / crash dumps ?

Qtractor is crashing a bit often in my new Ubuntu 12.04 / KXStudio machine. How do I get a stack trace / crash dump from QTractor? I enabled logging in options->display but it does not log crash information.


You have to build it yourself and enable stack trace support:
Make sure you read the messages produced by the configure script!

svn co qtractor-svn
cd qtractor-svn
make -f Makefile.svn
./configure --enable-debug --enable-stack-trace
sudo make install

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some additional notes re ./configure:

a. --enable-debug implies --enable-stack-trace anyway, so you don't need to specify the latter when the former is in.
b. --enable-debug also disables stdout/err capture; you'll better watch a console/terminal for the (gdb) stack-trace dump you're after (it won't appear on the View/Windows/Messages)-


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