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Qtractor crash in 'Follow Playhead' mode

Yesterday had Qtractor crash several times on me in the following circumstances:

1. Follow Playhead mode ON.
2. Arm track for record.
3. Start recording.
4. Stop recording.

Then, there are several variations I tried to deduce:

5a. Start recording again. CRASH
5b. Start recording again. Stop recording. CRASH
5c. (most confirmed) Unarm track. CRASH

So, seems that Follow Playehead mode is ON, smth fishy goes on.

Also, if you turn of Follow Playhead mode during recording, after recording stopped, the file will not be displayed and you have to locate it and add to the project manually.

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hi Louigi,

which qtractor version?
what recording type of track? audio or midi?
what recording audio format?
is there some plugin involved? which one(s)?
does it start crashing only after you changed any of the above?



Build: Mar 5 2012 20:21:51

When recording Audio, to wav or ogg, I don't remember %)
No plugin involved.
Start crashing only when Follow Playhead on. After switched it off - no crashes.

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0.5.4? that's too old anyway :) why can you update to the latest svn trunk? version


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