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Clip Editor, "Controller Type" entries

Hi Rui,

Thanks for the work and results on Qtractor. I really appreciate it. I have migrated from the Windows platform and I am very hopefull that Qtractor will fit my needs. Thanks again.

My question concerns the Clip Editor window, then the drop down window for Controller Types.

I have programmed my controller types in an .ins file, which seems to be working. They show up in the list of Controller Types in the Clip Editor, and they seem to do their control functions properly. However, there are also values listed with no corresponding names, which are not listed in my .ins file, but also some maps of values and names which I also did not program, and do nothing.

So my question is 2 part:
1. Am I doing something wrong?
2. If not, is there a way to remove the values with no names and the values with names that I did not program in the .ins file?

This is not a show stopper, but an accurate list of controller types would be simpler and less confusing. Any help you can give is much appreciated. Thanks again!


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thanks for all

re. your question, answer is no, you're not doing anything wrong. all controllers types are usually listed (CC#0..127) where the undefined or unnamed ones are, you guessed right, blank.

however, note that only the named/defined RPN/NRPNs are listed on is own listings, because if it were to be exhaustively listed would be just overkill (RPN/NRPN#0..16383, ie. 16K items, mostly of them blank) :)


Thanks for your quick reply. I'll just fill in the table in the .ins file where needed this:
Thanks again!

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