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DSSI fluidsynth sf2s un-loaded upon saving session

Hi Rui,

I'm getting something strange happening in the latest git build. Whenever I have an sf2 loaded in DSSI fluidsynth it plays fine but, upon saving the session, the sf2 is un-loaded (fluidsynth GUI shows "none loaded" at the top).

I can upload a qtz if needed, but it's happening on a completely clean file here (plus other sessions I'm working on), so hopefully you'll be able to reproduce it. Everything was fine until I updated Qtractor today (was previously running a version from a week or two ago).

To be precise, the steps to reproduce are:

- start new session and save somewhere
- add MIDI track and DSSI fluidsynth plugin
- load any sf2 and check that it plays; close plugin UI
- save session
- open plugin UI; note that sf2 is no longer loaded

Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.

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in fact, most if not all DSSI got broken in the same way, not just fluidsynth-dssi.

while this is probably fixed on today's git head master (v0.7.6.6+) the issue does infect this late release (v0.7.6) into making DSSI plug-ins mostly unusable! :(

please test && tell.

Looks fine now. Thanks as ever for the swift response :-)

Perhaps I spoke too soon :-) DSSI fluidsynth does indeed look fine now, but in the same session I'm having a new problem with LV2 Linux Sampler. I'll upload a clean qtz to show you what I mean, so will open a new thread to do so (pity you can't attach files in the middle of a thread).

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