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Qtractor crash recovery


I have a project which crashes Qtractor on loading. I suspect it's a corrupt file - I recently had to do a full fsck, Is there a way to see what's causing the crash, ie a log file, or starting from the console etc?


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most probably it's a rogue VST plugin...

you can run from the console under gdb:

gdb /path/to/qtractor
gdb> run

open the offending .qtr file and when it stops here eventually on segfault:

gdb> bt

an immediate stacktrace is dumped and check where and what's the offending crash point (should point to which plugin, library or code that is segfaulting.

once you find the culprit, try to edit the .qtr file and remove the suspect sections, assuming it's one or more plugins that is causing trouble.


Thanks. It seemed to be the Calf Vintage Delay LV2, I've removed it from the .qtr and all seems okay again.


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