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Trouble with mixer view

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For some reason I can't resize mixer window to default. It's impossible to grab the corners and resize. I tried to find any conf file that store everything, but I can't find anything. I now tried both AppImage and standard install via terminal, no change. Did a apt purge qtractor, rebooted and installed it again. Still a huge mixer window that covers whole screeen. Left top corner there's a icon and you can choose "unmaximize" but it doesn't do anything.

Thanks for a great open source daw. Learning more and more everyday via Youtube and Carl Irwin.


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hi Tobbe,

thanks for trying qtractor out, you're of course welcome.

now, the issue you report seems to be tied or ultimately related to the window manager (WM) in charge... kind to tell which one is that? maybe you don't know what I'm talking about, but probably you know which desktop environment (DE) is, don't you?

anyway, try switching on or off this setting that is keen to the issue at hand: (main menu >) View > Options... > General > Keep tool windows always on top, then follow the instructions (you might need to quit and restart qtractor).

otoh. the given screenshot above doesn't really show the Mixer window being maximized at all... are you dwelling with some other WM behavior or am I seeing it all wrong? :)

cheers && thanks again


Thanks for a quick answer. I desided to install another distro instead of Ubuntu Studio. Now I'm on Linux Mint XFCE and everything is ok again. Sorry to bother you with this simple thing. Ubuntu Studio ain't friend with my computer, but Linux Mint is...big time.

Back to Qtractor and learning more...

PS: any chance to implement folder track (place holder) feature so you can have everything more organized?

Thanks again

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any chance to implement folder track (place holder) feature so you can have everything more organized?

care to elaborate on this? what do you really mean with folder track (place holder) feature ?


What I mean is this:

Parent folder track - STRING SECTION (colorcoded)
Children track under
--------> 1st Violins
--------> 2nd Violins
--------> Basses
--------> Cello
--------> Violas
Parent Folder (BRASS SECTION) (colorcoded)
and children track under this
and so on...everything organized in folder and instrument categories. Well you can add a simple track and not add any instrument to it and use that as a parent folder track, maybe. Just an idea.


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got that, thanks

i see the point and use case, but no, there are plans to implement those kind of 'track folders' or 'track groups' whatever, at least on the short term, sorry

what you have now is temporary track group selection, either contiguous or disjoint multi-track selection--using the Shift+click for adding or Ctrl+click for toggling--where you may take the change to (un)Mute or (un)Solo tracks altogether, but that's all.


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