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Unquantize feature request

Hi again,

I can't seem to find a way to unquantize a clip. When I'm composing I tend to quantize the clips to choose the tempo changes more accurately. Also, a quantized midi clip makes importing the file into Musescore easier, leaving less work to do on the score.

But when it's time to record the audio tracks from the midi, I prefer recording the original performance to preserve the human interpretation.

The way it works now, to achieve this, I would require a duplication of the midi tracks (original performance and quantized tracks). For a large project with 16 midi tracks this becomes unmanageable. Also, clip changes would have to be made for both versions.

Ardour, rosegarden and oomidi (muse?) can do this, but I don't know where they're storing the data.

Would it be possible?

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I'm sorry but I fail to guess what you mean with "unquantize" ...

The most you may have, before committing to life, is that you may always "Undo" any specific move or change. But for the sake of heart, it cannot guess what original the "unquantized" material was, unless you saved or backed it up as wisely as you should, ever. ;)

If what you really want is to preserve your original performance for good, then make sure to save it into a safe place as soon you make it, read session name and archive (save as .qtz as baseline, perhaps? just a hint, you're not really obliged to follow this hint)


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