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Images used in qtractor

Hi im wondering if its possible perhaps to make qtractor use images from a folder instead of baking them in the compiled program?

For example images used withing qtractor could be in folder /usr/share/qtractor/images/ and it from there the program gets them
Why im asking is for the possibility to use own style for now i have to recompile everytime i change the look of qtractor icons etc.

I hope im not to hard to understand ;)

Martin aka ztealmax

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yes, all images used in the qtractor GUI are bolted in the binary as much as the majority of any other application out there...
and it will stay like that for a (long) while.

anyway, you're free to build your own custom icons or images--if you know what you're doing of course.
stay safe.

Perhaps an icon set selector can become an option in future releases? So instead of keeping *all* icons outside of the binary, you'll be able to select your custom set if you want to change them.

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of course you probably have one icon set you prefer the most, but let's not get way out subjective here and please tell what exactly what you dislike on the current author's cut (mine;)

remember, better icons don't make the program work better or makes music sound better in any way, so what's the point? (of course i'm kidding)


Me? I'm ok with what you have, I only made a technical suggestion in behalf of OP.

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oh sorry, and please, please don't take it personal ;)
stay safe

nah, I didn't take it personal but I think a selector would address this kind of requests, wouldn't it? It will allow you to keep your original icon set within the binary, and it would allow users to select custom icons without recompiling, so this would feed 2 birds with one seed.

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