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missing menu

I am aware of the ctrl+m function to hide and show the main menu... But I am finding that qtractor's menu is gone as I am running it on an upgrade to ubuntu studio 20.04. The ctrl+m function does not resolve it for either the appimage or the repository install (either ubuntu studio's repo or any other).

Is anybody aware of a loss of menus in ubuntu 20.04? Any solutions?

I tried removing the installed qtractor and deleting .config files and then reinstalling. I just get all of the default visual settings as if it were a new install, but still no menu.

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could it be that your desktop environment is showing the application menu to appear at the top of screen (a la macos) ?

besides that, I'm afraid I have no clue :(

It looks like my upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 20.04LTS corrupted something (possibly something in gtk?). All is well after a fresh install of the upgraded os. Honestly... I should know better by now to start new rather than run a full distro upgrade.

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thanks for the update, hope all is fine now :)


cfirwin3, this happened to me once, but it wasn't due to a distro upgrade. I'm necessarily sure what caused it, but look into /home/[username]/.config/ Then, look for Menubar (might show up twice.) Make sure it is Menubar=true. Hope that helps you or someone else in the future.

TIL: ctrl+m :)

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