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Routing/Buss issues with LSP Multi Sampler


I'm trying to set up LSP Multi Sampler (12) to use the direct outputs. I've created a midi buss and put the plugin on it. I then created a 26 channel audio bus for the outputs, i.e. a stereo mix pair and 12 individual stereo outs. When I connect channels 3 and 4 to the Qtractor master in, or even direct to the system outputs, I can hear the sound of instrument one, as expected.

But when I create another 2-channel audio buss to process an output individually, I can't seem to connect it properly. I've attached a screenshot of the Jack connection graph I've been trying. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any pointers...

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maybe not so obvious...

the MIDI output bus (where I suppose you're inserting the LSP Multi-Sampler plugin) should have its audio routed (via plugin-box rclick-menu > Audio > ...) to the 26 channel audio output bus named "LSP".

note that on the later you really only need the "output" bus part, though you seem to have created a "duplex" one, which means that you've 26 too many input ports that you won't ever use for nothing. iow. all those LSP/in_1..26 ports are just useless.


HI, thanks for the reply.

Yes, the LSP plugin is routed through the 26 channel 'LSP' bus, and the signal is there. It shows levels in the mixer, and connecting LSP/out_3 to Master/in_1 plays the sound as expected.

The problem is coming from the other audio bus (named Kick) I'm trying to route through to add processing. Even though this bus is a duplicate of the master, 2-channel duplex, it just doesn't seem to be open to a signal. Connecting LSP/out_3 to Kick/in_1 doesn't do anything, either audibly or in the mixer meters. I've tried turning monitoring on and off, still nothing...


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well, connecting qtractor output ports to its own input ports doesn't always work, mostly due to internal processing order and (also) to JACK zero-copy buffer "optimizing feature".

you can try this: (in View > Buses...) move up the "LSP" bus *before* or *above* the "Kick" bus. maybe it helps (on the first account) maybe not.


Thanks, changing the order worked!

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