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how to export wav in separates files

I am trying to export projet in audio wav file.
i dont found how to export in separates waves files (one file per track)

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options are:
1) Track > Export Tracks > Audio...
2) (select all audio track clips >) Clip > Export... (or Merge...)


I have tried the first option but all tracks are in the same wave file.
sould i put each track in solo and extract each track one by one ?

I i try the second option ctrl+A / clip the "export" entry is not enabled

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re. 1) yes you'll have to to mute/solo the tracks you want mixed-down and exported to file, sorry for not mentioning that before.

re. 2) you have to select one, more or all clips in a track, that should be the current one anyway (Ctrl+T), not quite selecting all and everything (Ctrl+A).

iow. there is no such a magic spell or command for you to export each track into a file in one go, sorry again.


Hi thanks you for your answer
i will use the first option


Every DAW I've ever used requires option #1. I solo every track to have it bounced (re: with fx).

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