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Using Addictive Drums 1 or 2 on qtractor

Hello fellow musicians!

Is is possible to use Addictive Drums 1 or 2 VST on qtractor using only the .dll file? Or do I have to install the whole application using WINE and hope for the best?

Thanks in advance!

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assuming you're asking for the Windows VST (yeah, you said ".dll") you may not use it under qtractor unless take the extra chores to using a so called Windows-to-Linux VST bridge or wrapper, almost all of them relying on Wine to get the hack through...

lest to say, this is not the best forum to deal with this matter--qtractor is a Linux only, remember?--but you can search the interwebs for some VST bridges people have been trying out there (with mixed results, mind you, YMMV): DSSI-VST, FST, LinVst, AirWindows, and probably the swiss-army-knife-for-plugins-in-linux-and-everything-else which is Carla ;)


Hi elfduck,

The answer is most likely "yes", but as noted above, you'll need to use Carla-Rack, with Wine 32 and 64bit bridges enabled. Most of the plugin instruments I use are WinVSTs; this includes Melodyne, Dimension Pro, etc. Wine 5.0, which Carla uses to run the VSTs, has excellent compatibility; there are only a small handful of VSTs that I found that don't work, but each update to Wine has made more work over time. So, if it doesn't work today, it may work in the future. You'll need to test.

As a very short summary, you load Carla as the plugin, and from there, you load your WinVST as a plugin within Carla. Qtractor does an excellent job hosting.

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