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Maintaining a Qtractor session with Carla


This may very well fall into the Carla side of things but I figured I'd toss the question out here just the same. I've come to settle on a workflow that has me managing all of my audio and midi connections via Carla Patchbay rather than from within Qtractor. In a perfect world, I would be able to restore my session with 2 steps:

1. Open my .qtr file in Qtractor. This results in all of my busses being created.
2. Open my corresponding .carxp file with Carla. This does load all plugins used by my session and *should* restore all connections.

What I typically see however, is that Carla restores most of the audio connections (everything except Qtractor's master outputs) but none of the MIDI connections. The net result is I usually have to spend about 10 minutes organizing my patchbay in order to get up and running.

I could swear however, that on 1 or 2 occasions I did see everything restored.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks or special insights as to how to most effectively preserve sessions using these tools together?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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hi, yes this is probably more on the Carla side of things and the way it doesn't not save/restore ALSA MIDI connections ...

maybe you can workaround that with:
1. QjackCtl Patchbay;
2. custom script using alsa-utils aconnect utility explicitly;
3. you could have it as a NSM session; but unfortunately there is no ALSA MIDI patch utility like jackpatch for you to preserve those kind of connections, so chalk this one off :)


Interesting. Thank you for the feedback :)

Working solution found

Starting from a fresh restart of Jack via ubuntustudio-controls, here's what works:

1. Start Qtractor and load .qts
2. Open "Connections" panel and use "Disable All" to knock out everything (Seems like these are hard-coded to connect every time?)
3. Open Carla and load my session's .carxp file.

At this point, all MIDI and Audio connections I've previously defined are restored. Of course, the node positions within Carla are still out of whack but that's a known issue and something I can deal with for the time being.

This is a game changer in terms of working efficiently :)

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2. Open "Connections" panel and use "Disable All" ...
isn't it "Disconnect All" ?

Yes, you're right.

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