You are here forum improvement: Allow adding image attachments to response posts

The forum doesn't allow users to attach images to posts except for the original post, can you fix this please? Creating new topics only to upload images is just clumsy.


Also, is this a correct forum for such questions? Shouldn't there be some sub-forum for this purpose? c:

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you can now upload and attach files to comments; you can even embed an image in the comment text via simple html, for example:
<img src="/drupal/files/filename" />
hope this won't get killed by too much spam :)


Much appreciated.

oops, it doesn't load the pic

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what you mean with "doesn't load the pic" ?

the one you inscribed on your previous comment is not a file upload--it's a an external link.


ah, nevermind

Wait a minute... doesn't that create other problems? For example, a "like" button is now needed to appreciate the response that imagery can now be added! ;) :) :) :)

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yeah, i think i get the irony ;)


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