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Editor windows not going into full size anymore


I discovered another issue on editor windows staying on top of main window. When double-clicking the title bar of an editor window, it doesn't go into full size any longer. Since there's no full size button in the windows title bar, it needs to be resized manually. If no other solution might work, perhaps adding that full size button will do it?

Thanks for having a look at it,


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humble question(s) ahead:

is that a showstopper for you?

as you might know already--from past and recent episodes--this mostly relates to WM behavior... some might do this... some other might do that... not always what you would expect...

anyway, what do you mean will "full size" ?

as far as I can tell, on my quarter, so to speak, the MIDI clip editors are still as ever were eligible to be maximized/minimized, whatever...
when I double-click on the title bar it gets maximized, when I do it again, it gets normal as it were...
but again, I'm on kwin for 20+ years now, do I need to change that?

ps. did I say minimized? yes I said, but I was wrong. sorry. it won't get minimized ever, unless you turn off "keep this-or-that always on top" option.
pps. sorry again for being something i believe was harsh and unpolite. don't take it personal, please?

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Full size means: maximized.

No, it's not a showstopper for me. I can't even think of anything being a showstopper for me on Qtractor - except it would crash repeatedly, which it doesn't yet. :)
Just thought, I should report this.
And, I can't see anything not being polite or being harsh. Also, I can handle harsh words -if they would appear- without to start wars for a lifetime. ;)

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