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Only two bars at the end of the Song / Issue on Mixer redraw


At the end of a song (Qtractor main WIndow) there's only two bars left, if the number of bars is greater than the numbers of bars fit into the window - when scrolling to the end of the song. Often I wish there could be at least 4 bars left at the end of a song. Is it possible to set this up somehow?

If not, may I suggest to add this to a future update of Qtractor?

Also, there's another issue on the mixer (which came to mind right now, that I would have posted about this much earlier).

I'm using templates to start a new Qtractor project. These templates are setup with lots of MIDI and Audio tracks. When there is an odd number of tracks and the mixer view is setup to have two rows of channel sliders, the redraw of the lower row failed. Only the background is seen. On the upper row one can't access the sliders anymore.



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yes, and may I ask why you need more?

you can always step-scrolling beyond that limit: just turn Transport > Follow Playhead on and try putting the playhead cursor (red) line over the right-end of the time-ruler so that it does that kind of step-scrolling :)... after that you may well drop anything in there, arbitrarily far beyond the so called "2-bar limitation".


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actually, it seems that, when it lays out to 3 (or more) rows, it starts showing this behavior and on some mixer window heights....

if you change (increase) the Mixer window height, you can overcome this shortage of mixer strip heights...

I'll see what I can do to fix this... meanwhile,
thanks for the heads-up!

[UPDATE:] probably fixed in develop branch, commit bd8c67.

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"probably fixed in develop branch" - confirmed!

"yes, and may I ask why you need more?"

The right locator is not accessible, if placed on a position beyond the 2nd bar at the end of the song.
Usually I'm recording with loop activated. To move the right locator I have to zoom the view and with huge zoom out of the song it's hard to set the right locator exactly to a new position. Four bars would be great, eight bars would be much better.

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yes, but the play-head locator might (see my previous reply)


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Yes, I noticed your previous reply completely.
But it's not very comfortable to move the play locator to access the right locator, as the play locator has to be moved again after moving the right locator.
However, thanks for fixing the mixer issue at least. :)

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