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Loading SysEx File Bug

Thanks for your great work.

I used QXGEdit to setup Variation Effect Type of my XG Synth. I chose DISTORTION effect type with several small adjustments, and then saved it to a SysEx file. The file works well in my DAW, and it contains correct SysEx message bytes: f0 43 10 4c 02 01 40 49 00 f7 (which is distortion effect type).

The problem is: when I opened this file again, QXGEdit shows DELAY L,C,R instead of DISTORTION in effect type combo box in Variation tab.

The SysEx file is included as attachment of this post.

Thanks in advance.

Package icon SysEx file sample.262 bytes
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it seems that the "Variaton" (and "Chorus" too) effects are being always reset to the default "DELAY L,C,R" (and "CHORUS 1" resp.) as soon as any .syx file is loaded.

needs some investigation... and a fix, sure :)

thanks for the notice!

[UPDATE] maybe fixed on qxgedit >= thanks

It works! Thanks for your quick response. :-)

Some knobs still have this problem tho :-)


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fixed on qxgedit >=

thanks again.

It works as expected.

Thank You.

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