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rtirq update - 2021 edition

Hi there!

New year, another rtirq update:

  • Got rid of all the deprecated sysvinit stuff.
  • Created (by mxa, thanks).
  • Version bumped to 20210113.

As always, home-brew packages are available here:


Remember that the rtirq init-script/systemd-service makes sense only on real-time preemptive (PREEMPT_RT) or a threadirqs enabled Linux kernels.

Enjoy! Stay safe && healthy!

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The Debian/Ubuntu package is horribly out of date. If I can build an update based on your latest version, can I get it to you to for submission to Debian or should I submit it directly?

Thank you!

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please check the repos...

there are updated rtirq-init.deb packages for debian, raspbian and of course ubuntu, also in ppa's (in Applications).


Ah, well, I missed the repos, thank you! I will try to bug someone to include the updated packages in the main repositories... Much appreciated!

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