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rtirq update - 2021 edition

Hi there!

New year, another rtirq update:

  • Got rid of all the deprecated sysvinit stuff.
  • Created (by mxa, thanks).
  • Version bumped to 20210113.

As always, home-brew packages are available here:


Remember that the rtirq init-script/systemd-service makes sense only on real-time preemptive (PREEMPT_RT) or a threadirqs enabled Linux kernels.

Enjoy! Stay safe && healthy!

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The Debian/Ubuntu package is horribly out of date. If I can build an update based on your latest version, can I get it to you to for submission to Debian or should I submit it directly?

Thank you!

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please check the repos...

there are updated rtirq-init.deb packages for debian, raspbian and of course ubuntu, also in ppa's (in Applications).


Ah, well, I missed the repos, thank you! I will try to bug someone to include the updated packages in the main repositories... Much appreciated!

Hi Rui...
In the wonderful OBS repos is missing the .deb file for Debian 10. Look:

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because it's processor-architecture agnostic? it's up on the "all":
and this is in fact the latest:


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