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Having trouble configuring synthv1

I have attached my config.log file. I am using a Cinnamon version of Linux Mint. Please let me know if there is any other information you need.

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it seems you don't even have the gcc compiler installed...

please, instead of trying to build or compile it yourself, use the repos ... as I believe Linux Mint is based on on some Ubuntu flavor, please use the one of the Applications PPA from


OK, I think I'm making some progress on getting synthv1 installed. I am attaching another config.log file - it appears now there is a problem with LV2 and Jack. Here are the error messages:

No package 'lv2' found
configure:6527: WARNING: *** LV2 header files not found.
configure:6529: WARNING: *** LV2 plug-in build will be disabled.
configure:6550: WARNING: *** LV2 X11 UI support will be disabled.
configure:6761: error: *** JACK and LV2 build options disabled.

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remember that for you to build any software from source you need to have all the development dependencies installed: on debian packaging systems, this is about the corresponding "-dev" suffixed packages.

for synthv1, these are mainly the following: libqt5-dev, libjack-dev or libjack-jackd2-dev, libasound2-dev, lv2-dev, liblo-dev.


Where should I store the presets, so that synthv1 will see them?

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anywhere you like?

one good idea would be creating one special directory/folder for just that, but you're in charge of your computer :)

just remember this: once created, *.synthv1 files must not be moved around.


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