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Themes are not working

Focusing on this issue here as to not distract the "Theme Thread" post I had previously started.

Something appears to be quite broken on my end as it relates to all things themes. First, the versions...

QT: 5.15.2
Ubuntu Studio: 21.10

As shown in the attached screenshot, I'm not even getting the desired look when using either of the KXStudio or Wonton Soup themes.

In order to try and rule out all the things, I started qtractor from as clean of a slate as I know how to do...

$ mv ~/.config/ ~/.config/
$ qtractor

Curious to hear any suggestions as to what I might check or try. Thanks in advance.

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AHA! The problem is rooted somewhere/somehow in the package I had installed (from the PPA). Once I removed it and installed 0.9.20-1 from the ubuntustudio repo, themes started working as expected. :)

While I'm here, I'd just like to ask about the intention behind the "Button" Color Role as it relates to the Palette. I've always been of the opinion that the Loop button is simply too dark when activated. That said, I set the Active column to something a bit brighter. This does have the intended affect when activating the Loop button but it also has the very unintended affect of changing the color for many other elements. For example, "Track Name" is influenced but that's not a button? All the record, mute, solo and arm buttons on each track are also affected despite them being in a non-activated state. There are more elements in scope but I'd imagine this is a well understood topic at this point.

All the best

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what ppa was that? was it one of mine? ubuntustudio 21.10 it implies that you were probably using the ppa:rncbc/apps-impish which is not there anymore, since last 22.04 LTS (jammy) release.

besides, is qt5ct in anyway involved there?

re. the "Button" and most of other color roles in the palette: more often than not, these are kind of hints to the current widget style theme in charge, as it's the one that decides what actual color and shade it will render in the end.


I believe it was apps-jammy as I did notice apps-impish didn't exist.

Regarding the button in question, am I nuts to suspect these may be due for something of a reorganization so they could be specifically targeted? In fact, there are several items defined in the color palette dialog which seemingly have no obvious association. I'll just list a few that make no sense since I have no intimate knowledge of QT inner workings:


There may be others but I'm sure you get my point. Also, there appear to be several things in Qtractor itself which probably have hard-coded colors? For example, I thought changing the color of "Link" would impact the color of a selected clip. That didn't pan out so I'm guessing that is hard-coded. Does a page exist anywhere on that breaks down what can be tweaked vs. not?

Thanks in advance

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