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Default Audio Editor

Hi Rui,
After working on a little project this evening, I noticed something I think would be very easy to implement, but is not yet present. On audio clips, when right clicking on them, what about adding a menu item "Edit Audio". This would load the audio file into an editor, preset by the user somewhere within Options dialog.

I only noticed this as I was needing to normalize about 10 wav files, and had to keep reloading Audacity for each track I'd add, as I discovered they were low level.

Not a show stopper by any means, just a convenience, and a time saver.


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one or both of the following must or would have to be implemented:
1. start run, track of the main child process of the editor being run and trap its termination (could be done with QProcess);
2. track the audio file being edited externally and watch for fstat's mtime changing in the background (could be done in a watchdog thread or in the main-forms slow-timer slot...);

as always patches or PR's are welcome :)

I better start learning C then! :D

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You don't have to write your own file monitoring routines anymore, there are things like inotify/fanotify nowadays...

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yeah right, but it would be a lot more simple to monitor it internal and periodically (eg. via pretty standard old-POSIX fstat()) while the external editor QProcess is up and running and close it when it terminates (you'll have to watch for the process anyway, so using inotify/fanotify might look overkill :)

thanks anyway

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or better yet, Qt/C++ :)


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