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A question about looping


I tend to work with "loop set" toggled on quite a bit. This allows me to move between different tracks; focusing on each idea, etc. Of course, we then need to get a sense of how things relate so I whack my key to disable the loop and......there it is, the "stutter". So I'm just curious if this is something that can be addressed in any way or why it happens at all? Is it some kind of buffering thing that's happening under the hood and therefore probably the cost of doing business?

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yes glitches might happen when switch loop ranges or even toggling it off and on while playback is rolling, even more so if the play-head is near the loop-edges and/or there's a significant lot of unmuted tracks to resync.

so yes, I guess it's the price of business with that "instant" Loop Set command you kindly requested some time ago IIRC :)


Makes sense :)

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