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Notes stay pressed

Hi, I'm using Qtractor

It seems when notes are played, they are always 'pressed', even after the note finishes.

For example, if a string note is only 1/16 of a beat long (so a tiny note), it plays the note forever, it doesn't stop.

Is it something that I'm missing? I tried it with multiple LV2 plugins, and it's the same result.


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yeah, something was being experimental down there...

that said it should regressed quite soon, stay tuned...

thanks for reporting it so shortly, really appreciating it
wholly cheers

UPDATE: may you test qtractor >=[f5666f]

Works fine now, thanks!

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can you give some more details on how you've been having those notes still being "pressed" ?
were by any chance, the instrument plugins being fed through a MIDI insert eg. Aux-send ?

When I had that issue (it's now fixed with the latest version), I was able to reproduce the 'note-stuck' issue with just a very simple project, for example when starting a new project.
The plugin I was using was Yoshimi (LV2) using the default settings.
There was no complex setup.

Feel free to let me know if you need other details.

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hi, thanks for the feedback, nothing more is needed
keep up the good work ;)

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