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LSP plugins issues


I'm having issues with LV2 plugins, as shown in the pic. Something with the GUI.

The VST format works perfectly.

I'm using openSUSE Tumbleweed.

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surely this needs some investigation... which version exactly? -- please check Help > About...
oh, and the LSP's too: did you compile them from source or are them available to install from some repo out there?
otoh. I've never bothered to try the LSPs anyhow, may it's about time to come to a first :)

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hi, confirmed, the LSP plugins LV2 UIs appear to show the "inline" display only (the thumbnail one that shows in ardour mixer strips, go figure...)

as said, this will need some investigation on why these creeps have this behavior in qtractor (probably ever since their inception)...


UPDATE: in fact, if you are able to resize the LV2 X11 UI window, it only gets to show the graphical charts and never the control knob/panels... weird! it's something very specific to these LSP's I say... just for evidence, attached is the LSP Compressor Stereo LV2 UI rendering here (the LSP Multisampler GUI comes out either empty or don't even pass the address sanitizer (asan) on debug builds...) really in need to dig way more deeper... yes, I know the LSP author is in deep-sh*t on his homeland atm. (as we are all too but in a waay different level) so don't expect any miracles or anything in the near future, so sorry.

UPDATE2: according to some reports on github, the lsp-plugins used to show alright some time ago... why they don't now is a mystery to me (I never tried any of them ever until now). maybe @windowsrefund may chime in? t.i.a.

UPDATE3: so I tested with some earlier LSP plugins versions, and hold and behold v1.1.31 shows alright; seems like something broke in the way to v1.2.3.

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